Re-Contour Your Waistline Fast!

Investment: Single Treatment $80; 5 Pack $360; 10 Pack $680

What does a Transion (“tran-see-on”) accomplish?

Transion Slimming & Toning for Your Body

In today’s society, and in particular the work environment, image is becoming increasingly important. The excess kilos, the flabbiness and the feeling out of shape, represent not only an aesthetic problem but often a psychological one: the excess weight or worse, obesity, impacts health and well-being.

Now the objectives to lose weight and reduce excess curves are achievable when lying comfortably on a bed without exerting effort and feeling completely relaxed. All of this is due to the sophisticated technology of Transion.

With a series of personalized applications, acting upon the excess layers of adipose tissue, reducing them in just half and hour of effective work and toning the muscles at the same time.

Transion, now is in its 10th generation, is the equipment that made history world-wide. Developed in Italy, the development of this technology has a 30-year plus history of success throughout Europe and Asia and only recently has been introduced to North America.

How does it work?

Using small electric pads, Transion produces particular sets of square faradic waves, corrected into light trapezoidal, to achieve a twisting motion of the muscle bundle. It is this twisting movement, unique in the field that, together with the contraction and stretching of the muscles, produces a “squeezing and wringing-out effect”.

This effect allows the rapid elimination, from the treated area, of the excess liquids and soluble substances in the liquids. These liquids are put into circulation and eliminated in a brief period, through the normal emunctory renal system of the body. Therefore, the result is an immediate decrease in the size of the treated area.

Furthermore, the muscular work activates the metabolic processes of using up the reserves of the organism. Since the muscle needs energy to perform the movement it immediately starts to burn the carbohydrates and then the fats. At the same time, due to the muscular exercise, there is an immediate recovery of the tone itself, with a rapid toning up of the area.

What benefits will you see?

A great way to kick start your fat reduction program; improvement in muscle tone; a more defined and slimmer body; an increase in energy levels; and better overall shape and health.

A Few Fat Facts

All of our bodies are comprised of 100 Trillion cells of which 30 Billion are fat cells. A man’s fat cell will grow up to 1,000 times its natural size and a woman’s fat cell up to 5,000 times its natural size. The methods used really work and put with our Ideal Protein; you will have a winning combination for long lasting results! Please visit the Ideal Protein Diet founder’s website at and the corporate Ideal Protein website at

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