Investment Slimming Challenge A:
Single Treatment $240; 5 Pack $1,080; 10 Pack $2,040

Investment for standalone G5 Vibration:
Single $50; Pack of 6 + 1 $300; Pack 10 + 2 $500

A Slimming Challenge “A” is a Combination of G5 Vibration and a Cellulite Reducer (a.k.a. Body System) Treatment

Slimming Challenge A

The treatment begins with G5 Vibration, an effective tool delivering a serious of rapid vibration movements to body areas where cellulite is present. Unlike adipose fat tissue which has both lymphatic vessels and blood veins running through it, fat cells containing cellulite are packed tightly together. Therefore, to facilitate the removal of cellulite the cells need to be unpacked and separated which will allow the lymphatic vessels and blood veins to flow through these tissue areas and thus move these toxins out of the body. As Plan A expands the treated area this is not a guaranteed treatment.


The G5 Vibration treatment starts things off by creating rapid vibrations over the unwanted cellulite areas. This tool is used manually by a trained technician so only the cellulite areas are treated.


Next the Cellulite Reducer a.k.a. Body System is employed. By using a combination of infrared and induced directional waves removes unwanted cellulite and stubborn fat. Infrared pads are placed on the target areas and transmit heat deep into the tissues. The tissues, stimulated by the waves, increase the metabolism and improve blood circulation immediately. This in turn enhances the elimination of toxins and the metabolic slag to the Lymphatic System. It is also this thermal action and increased metabolism that stimulates the discharging of fat and also the combustion of excess fat. But that is only the start …. Smaller electronic pads that produce particular square waves are also placed near the infrared pads on the motor points of muscles. The muscles, stimulated by these waves are induced to do isotonic movements, to increase the energetic needs of the area. This extra energy is gained by the surrounding tissue burning stored sugar and fat. This working in conjunction with the infrared, allows for quick results to be seen and for you to get the shape you want faster.


A fast acting custom blended slimming formula comprised of traditional Chinese herbs and marine products are gently applied to your body to create Thermogenesis. This condition is a natural body process resulting in the generation of heat which provides the necessary warmth for your entire body. Among many positive attributes of this condition is the sweating that occurs allowing for the passage of the toxins to be evacuated from the body.


Either the Infrared Dry Sauna or Infrared Hot Blanket environments are used to stimulate the body to burn even more fat. Time spent will be approximately half an hour in which the treatment detoxifies and releases retained fat and fluids. In this environment individuals burn between 600 to 3200 calories (there are 4082 calories in a pound of body fat).


Shower, get dressed and go home. It is recommended that you bring a set of dry underwear to wear when you go home after the treatment.


  • A Few Fat Facts All of our bodies are comprised of 100 Trillion cells of which 30 Billion are fat cells. A man’s fat cell will grow up to 1,000 times its natural size and a woman’s fat cell up to 5,000 times its natural size. The methods used really work and put with our Ideal Protein Diet; you will have a winning combination for long lasting results! Please visit our dedicated Ideal Protein web site by clicking on this link.
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 5 reviews
by Pati K. on Beauty-Full Spa
You certainly get what you pay for!

Every once and a while something you buy delievers on what was advertised. The Slimming Challenge A treatment from Beauty Full Spa was that special event for me. I dropped an amazing 2 dress sizes in just under 3 hours. This treatment was worth every cent and not only did I feel like a queen for a night, but for almost 3 months until I lost the edge. I am saving us for a series of 5 sessions. *Results may vary person to person.

by Huy L. on Beauty-Full Spa
Amazing Slimming Affect!

Was curious about this type of a treatment and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The areas of concern were reduced and although I could only afford one treatment, I would certainly do more. Being a single mom, its all about balancing and the Slimming Challenge A certainly gave me the confidence to go out on a few dates. There is nothing wrong about getting out there again, it more about feeling good about yourself and this treatment was a long overdue self esteem promoter. I do recommend Beauty-Full spa for not only this treatment but their superior facials and massages. *Results may vary person to person.

by Shalu P. on Beauty-Full Spa
A girl in a saris can have curves!

After my slimming challenge A treatments at Beauty-Full Spa my Saris just perfectly showed off my new curves. Most importantly, my now husband was really pleased by his more than he deserved beautiful wife. Now that was worth the 10 sessions it took to whip the body into its new form. Thanks to Beauty-Full Spa who are the only ones in the Toronto area to offer this special and amazing treatment. *Results may vary person to person.

by Tianna J. on Beauty-Full Spa
Great before a wedding - party redemption

Every brides worst nightmare was almost going to take over my wedding day. All the pre-wedding events had made my dress a little tight, as it way too tight. So I went to Beauty-Full Spa and got the Slimming Challenge A that chiseled my body down to fit my dress comfortably. Along the way I also got a little of that ugly cellulite reduced at the same-time. I do recommend this treatment, so of an insurance against living just a little too large! *Results may vary person to person.

by Afifah L. on Beauty-Full Spa
No longer a Challenge A Skeptic

A treatment that reduces cellulite and the fat stored in just all the wrong places - right! I went to Beauty-full Spa for a free consultation and everything sounded real so i committed to 10 sessions. It was money well spent. The cellulite is about 90% less visible and that fat is gone. The Slimming Challenge A treatment is by far the best combo I have ever had to get rid of fat and cellulite at the same time. *Results may vary person to person.