Ideal Protein Diet Weight Loss Method – Financial Aspects

Image clock knife spoon forkIt is the Ideal Protein Diet method that when followed has significant long term weight loss results. The method targets fat loss; helps maintain muscle mass; naturally suppresses appetite, was developed and is endorsed by medical doctors, provides dieter with valuable educational nutrition knowledge to help sustain results on a long-term basis.  Unlike many other weight loss methods, Dr. Chanh is still alive and applying the latest scientific knowledge to improve on what is already the best long-term results oriented Weight Loss Method ever!


Unlike many other weight loss methods, Dr. Chanh is still alive and applying the latest scientific knowledge to improve on what is already the best long-term results oriented Weight Loss Method ever!Our IDEAL PROTEIN DIET is a healthy, continuously evolving, safe and very successful long-term weight loss program. It is the only diet that has a beginning and an end. The diet does not string you along for the rest of your life, but rather educates you on what makes you fat and how to avoid those elements by healthy eating and lifestyle choices.   Dr. Chanh founder of  The Ideal Protein Diet coined the phrase, “a diet is not a vaccination against future weight gain.”  This proven weight loss method not only results in real fat loss it also improves the health status of participants with high blood pressure, diabetes and hyperlipidemia as proven by lowering their blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol in a very efficient manner thus reducing or eliminating many medications. While the Ideal Protein Diet alters your shape from the inside, we also have available additional methods to change your outside shape. Make the Ideal Protein Diet, your last diet by learning to live a life without food restrictions!

Beauty-Full Spa & Weight Loss Treatment Centre was the second established Ideal Protein Clinic in Ontario.  Since 2006, hundreds of people from Scarborough East to Ajax have passed through our doors and shed thousands of pounds.  It is only with knowledge and practice that you will be able to keep the fat at bay, and at Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering, we deliver on both of these critical aspects of weight loss.  Understanding how the body works to store fat is critical to maintaining your IDEAL weight, which in our program is a weight that you feel comfortable, and wear what clothes you want, not just the clothes that fit!  Beauty-Full Spa also enrolls free of charge, all weight loss clients into Ideal Coaching TV which provides a new video for each day you are on the diet.  These short videos inform and keep you motivated to stay on the program while gaining an understanding of what changes your body is undergoing.

Ideal Protein is food.  Please click on this link to access over 100 FREE recipes that can be used with the Ideal Protein Program or as a healthy meal for your family.  This site is featured by the Andover Diet Center in Andover, MA, U.S.A.

Remember to lose weight is just a process.  To keep the weight off is to understand what causes the weight gain and control the “fountain of fat production” and you will always have just enough fat and no more!

In the September 1958, issue of “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, Dr Max Wishnofsky, MD published an article entitled, “Caloric Equivalents of Gained or Lost Weight”. After analyzing the existing literature of that period, Dr Wishnofsky concluded that 3,500 is the caloric value of one pound of body weight lost or gained. For decades his result has been cited thousands of times in the media, scientific literature, and textbooks.  Today there is the fact that one pound of fat equals 454 grams (actual 453.6 grams).  It is now accepted that pure body fat contains 8.7 – 9.5 calories per gram or an average rounded to 9 calories per gram of fat.  Thus 454 x 9 = 4,086 or rounded 4,100 calories per pound of body fat, not the widely publicized 3,500.  Whenever possible, the correction should be implemented at the earliest potential opportunity as a more significant number motivates the dieter to achieve a more substantial weight loss.

The following information pertains only to the Ideal Protein Diet Weight Loss Program and this information has always been available from Beauty-Full Spa & Weight Loss Treatment Centre.  Please call us to book a free in-office consultation – take action this very moment and call 905-420-0020!  Please note that in order to make a cost table we have forecast a three-pound (12,300 calories) weight loss per week, however, results will vary from person to person based on individual compliance with the diet.  The table below is just to reply to interested parties requesting the personal financial investment of the Ideal Protein Diet and the three pound per week loss is just a number plugged into the pricing table to show the personal investment based on losing three pounds of weight per week and nothing more.  The three-pound reference is not intended to imply actual weight loss per week as depending on each individual it could be much less or more than the amount used for illustration purposes only in the investment table below.

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 10 reviews
by Lindleigh L on Beauty-Full Spa
The Daily Videos Make A Real Difference

When you start the Ideal Protein Diet they send you these really informative videos every day. I have done Jenny Craig, Dr. B's, Weight Watchers, U-Weight Loss, and other programs who do not offer such a feature. They often have recipes as well. Beauty-Full Spa is also a treasured resource on this journey to battle the evil forces in your body that make you fat. Thanks for the ongoing assistance. *Results may vary person to person.

by Brooke S. on Beauty-Full Spa
The Best Upfront Weight Loss Program Ever!

Unlike other programs that have felled me, the Ideal Protein Diet was as advertised. I got educated, slim, keep my lean muscle mass, and learned how to eat right all over again. Great Diet, great coach at Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering.

by Celena Z. on Beauty-Full Spa
My name Greek for goddess so listen up!

Before being referred to Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering I had over the last 15 years invested thousands only to loose and gained twice the weight back. My coach at BF Spa told me things that no one every took the time to explain. Once I got the message it took a little discipline to follow the action plan. My parents who have both passed gave me a Greek name for goddess of the moon. For years I looked down on myself from a high and was depressed about my hopeless unattractive figure. For more than 18 months I have maintained a 142 pound weight loss. I visit Beauty-Full Spa every month for FREE and well not are they proud of me I have so much confidence now. Gave up perception drugs and well I am a man magnet and will take my time selecting my Mr. Right! Ideal Protein plus the other treatments offered at Beauty-Full Spa changed me for the better and they empowered me to take control of my life. Thanks, Celena. *Results may vary person to person.

by Natali W. on Beauty-Full Spa
Just finished IP lost 68 Lbs

Fantastic this is the only weight loss program that actually worked for me. It is not eating Ideal Protein, it is following the entire process and I think for the first time ever I will be able to keep off the extra pounds. Oh, the education that comes for FREE with the process is priceless! Thanks Paul at Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering you are a caring and very knowledgeable coach. I hope you also can find a final solution to your unhealthy relationship with sugar, you certainly helped me! I felt safe in your hands and now I will begin to eat again in the world, but unlike before. Thank you, thank you. *Results may vary person to person.

by Gloria W. on Beauty-Full Spa
Recipes are wonderful

I must agree with Bobbie in her comments - thanks Beauty-Full Spa for sharing this recipe link. I use my laptop in the kitchen as unlike traditional printed recipes it is great to have video. I have only made about 8 of the recipes so far so I don't know if they have videos attached. Regardless much easier to cook with the laptop reference as opposed to a printed piece of paper. Love the fact that there are so many All Phase recipes and FREE RECIPES makes them taste even better! *Results may vary person to person.

by Bobbie K. on Beauty-Full Spa
FREE Recipes - Great Link

Just above the costing chart is a link that takes you to another Ideal Protein clinic in the USA. On this site they have over 100 Free recipes and they tell you what recipes can be used on which Phase of the Diet. I love to cook and this referral is fantastic. Thanks Beauty-Full Spa for sharing this link.

by Randi W. on Beauty-Full Spa
Great Value for your Buck!

I came to Beauty-Full Spa in 2006, long before the Ideal Protein Diet became popular in Durham. I was amazed at how simple the process was and found tremendous value in the education I received to keep the unwanted fat off me. In early 2011, I lost my job, my marriage fell apart, I sank into a deep depression and my medications assisted me in gaining 55 unwanted pounds!! In the fall of 2012, I came back to Beauty-Full Spa, who were non-judgmental and worked with me to get rid of the fat. I am please to announce that in just 16.5 weeks, I am back and feeling really good about what Paul at Beauty-Full Spa refers to as "my Eye-Candy Factor". Thank you, thank you, you got to check these guys out as they are really passionate about the diet and their mission. *Results may vary person to person.

by H. Franks on Beauty-Full Spa
Balls - published prices!

Finally, someone who doesn't hide that getting rid of one's fat is not cheap! I read everything on this site and then went in for a free consult, 16 weeks of an unwanted body parts gone for good. Thanks Beauty-Full Spa, you are a Heck of a weight loss clinic, and yes thanks for the EDUCATION!! *Results may vary person to person.

by Charlie K. on Beauty-Full Spa
It Works & Affortable

I have done lots of other diets over the last 15-yrs and paid a great deal of money only to get it all the fat back in greater qty. and less desirable places. What I really liked about Beauty-Full Spa's approach to the Ideal Protein Diet was no hidden anything. They publish the prices and when you go in, you get what you see, plus more information than anywhere I have ever gone. Read the stuff on this site and go in for a consultation. They treat fat loss not weight loss, because who wants to loose muscle when you need it to keep the fat off. So don't get sucked in my the other companies as I did which made my problem last longer than it had to. 185 lbs 16 months clean. Beauty-Full Spa addresses the real problem associated with fat gain, which is rooted in the addiction to sugar, well at least for the majority of us! *Results may vary person to person.

by Lucy F. on Beauty-Full Spa
Cool - Ideal Protein Published Prices - LOVE IT!

Very impressed that Beauty-Full Spa publishes their Ideal Protein Diet prices! Congrat's! I went to this location and found not only someone who has done the diet but a carring individual who wants to help me, help myself! Highly recommend these guys. 3 years clean, 92 Lbs lost! *Results may vary person to person.