For the treatment of stubborn fat and troublesome cellulite.

Investment: Single Treatment $80; 5 Pack $380; 10 Pack $72

What does it do?

Body System Cellulite Reducer

It is the ultimate system to help you regain your shape, your health and your beauty.

Fat is an important part in all of our bodies and in the correct quantity provides energy, protection, insulation and shape to our bodies and organs.

The fat is stored and used when required, however, the body can store too much and cause excess weight and unsightly bulges. This is usually due to one or more factors namely: excess eating; nervous hunger; lack of physical activity; circulation problems; and metabolic problems. Family history, disease, or thyroid problems can also play a significant role in obesity.

Some people choose a diet and fitness regime, others liposuction, but now there is Beauty Full Spa’s Body System an effective way to correct weight and body shape without the effort of exercise or the risk of a medical procedure.

How does it work?

The Body System works by using a combination of infrared and induced directional waves removes unwanted cellulite and stubborn fat.

Infrared pads are placed on the target areas and transmit heat deep into the tissues. The tissues, stimulated by the waves, increase the metabolism and improve blood circulation immediately. This in turn enhances the elimination of toxins and the metabolic slag. It is also this thermal action and increased metabolism that stimulates the discharging of fat and also the combustion of excess fat.

Smaller electronic pads that produce particular square waves are also placed near the infrared pads on the motor points of muscles. The muscles, stimulated by these waves are induced to do isotonic movements, to increase the energetic needs of the area. This extra energy is gained by the surrounding tissue burning stored sugar and fat. This working in conjunction with the infrared, allows for quick results to be seen and for you to get the shape you want fast.

What benefit will you see?

A reduction in body mass and weight; improved longer term metabolism; a better overall body shape; an increase in energy levels; better circulation; and general well-being.  Please note that results may vary person to person and more than one treatment is required to achieve the best results.

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 14 reviews
by Marie J. on Beauty-Full Spa
Cellulite Reducer, A Pleasant Surprise

Hey this cellulite reducer treatment at Beauty Full Spa works. My sister did 8 sessions and the results are remarkable. She almost looks as good as me, and I stress almost. This treatment has given her legs a new lease on life and they look amazing. Both her and me think these treatments are worth the investment! *Results may vary person to person.

by Barb L. on Beauty-Full Spa

I read the stuff on Beauty-Full Spa's site and thought what the Heck I would give it a try. Well the first time a slight difference but 7 sessions later, what Cellulite. For me it worked and due the fact that I haven't really changed why I get cellulite I go back to Beauty-Full spa twice per year for a treatment. Compared to other systems on the market this one is affordable and works. Go for it! *Results may vary person to person.*Results may vary person to person.

by Lynda N. on Beauty-Full Spa
Amazing Cellulite Reducer

Yes, the Cellulite Reducer treatments at Beauty-Full Spa worked for my issues. I had mountains and valleys on my upper thighs. I didn't get a miracle, however, a dramatic reduction and I am very pleased with the result. The mountain ranges are gone and the valleys look more like plateaus. Great job, thanks. *Results may vary person to person.

by Joan G. on Beauty-Full Spa
Cellulite Sucks - But Not For Me Anymore!

Beauty-Full Spa's Cellulite Reducer gave me back my smooth legs. It took a little extra work to get rid of the additional fat, but now I got my old swimming legs back. Pretty impressed and the other girls now want to do these treatments. *Results may vary person to person.

by Sharon N. on Beauty-Full Spa
My skin is much smoother!

A year ago I went to Cuba, check out the sun and take a little deserved downtime. Let me tell you the youthful Barbie like bod's on those beaches, cellulite free were amazing. And I am talking about my fellow women in the 40+ years category. Of course I wasn't alone, but I didn't have cellulite in the first 40 years and I really don't want it for the next. Beauty-Full Spa's Cellulite Reducer got rid of my issues in five sessions. *Results may vary person to person.

by Laura N. on Beauty-Full Spa
Would get more cellulite reducers in the future

Very pleased with the results of the Cellulite Reducer treatments offered by Beauty-full Spa. If other near areas develop in the future I will most certainly use their treatments to tackle the problem. Thanks! *Results may vary person to person.

by Stacey M. on Beauty-Full Spa
Reduce me Some More!

The cellulite reducer worked. In just six weeks the treatment accomplished what I could never do on my own. Thanks Beauty-Full Spa for giving me back almost Tina Turner legs! *Results may vary person to person.

by Sallie W. on Beauty-Full Spa
A skeptics opinion

I read it, went in for a free consult, thought about it, did some research, then did five sessions within three weeks. My skepticism is my defense system to prevent my hard earned money going into yet another beauty money-pit. This was not the case. Beauty-Full spa's cellulite reducer does just that. I had some areas on concern on my lower buttocks and this treatment smoothed the areas*. When I can afford it I will return for a repaving on my upper thighs. *Results may vary person to person.

by Shashi L. on Beauty-Full Spa
My husband loves my new legs

My husband loves the new legs. The cellulite appears to be gone and I love the feel of my legs*. Thanks to the cellulite reducer treatments at Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering. *Results may vary person to person.

by Joyce B. on Beauty-Full Spa
Do recommend the Cellultie Reducer thing

Had my doubts, but did three sessions, evaluated and did another 17 sessions. Great investment, what was once ugly is gone and my upper legs haven't looked this good since my 20's. I can now get rid of the wet suit and hit the beach with confidence. *Results may vary person to person.

by Janice W. on Beauty-Full Spa
My doubts - dismissed!

Ya right, you can get rid of the worst part of my body, the cellulite on the back of my upper legs ... BS. Not often that I will admit this but it works. Sorry to have doubted the sincerity of this treatment. It wasn't an overnight treatment, but in five sessions I noticed a real difference and in 20 sessions the cellulite was gone, heck gone! That was 8 months ago, and it hasn't come back because I made the diet choices that keeps it away. Thanks Beauty-Full Spa, you certainly made a difference to my body and to my self-esteem!! *Results may vary person to person.

by Eva J. on Beauty-Full Spa
It is just so simple - cellulite disappears

I was pretty impressed that something that has haunted me well now into my mid 40's has been tamed. Yes, finally, finally my cellulite has been reduced. Its not gone, but its not visible anymore. Thanks Beauty-Full Spa for your assistance and introducing me to the Cellulite Reducer. *Results may vary person to person.

by Grace T. on Beauty-Full Spa
Worked great for my daughter

Well heck, cut to the point I was a little skeptical about this treatment and didn't want my daughter wasting money on yet another miracle product. She said it was her money and I caved in and well it worked. It took 14 sessions, but her skin is flat, smooth and the cellulite has almost disappeared*. Pretty impressed. *Results may vary person to person.

by Maryjane L. on Beauty-Full Spa
My Mary Hart legs are BACK!

My husband use to tell me that I had Mary Hart legs. You know the host (retired) to Entertainment Tonight. But after 3 kids and consumption of a lot of junk food, my Mary Hart legs took a real beating. Beauty-Full Spa's Cellulite Reducer pretty much eliminated* the orange peel appearance and now my Mary Hart legs have returned. All my husband can talk about these days, so I also reap the benefits. *Results may vary person to person.