Thai Herbal Ball Treatment

70 Mins $125

A superior alternative to Hot Stone Therapy

Thai Herbal Ball Treatment

Soothe away the day with a Thai Herbal Ball Treatment. This exciting new treatment will thrill you with more than 650 years of Thailand Tradition. It is a combination of a Natural Herbal Treatment, Heat Compress, Massage, and Aroma Therapy all in 1 treatment!

The Thai Herbal Ball Treatment originated in Thailand centuries ago. This holistic approach of the use of plants is considered one of the oldest forms of health care in the world.

Prior to your treatment, the Herbal Balls are soaked in water for 30 minutes and then put into a steamer to keep them moist and hot. Before being applied to the body the Herbal Ball is dipped in Coconut Oil (Grape Seed Oil if you have a nut allergy) which acts as a carrier to allow the natural ingredients in the Herbal Ball to pass through the skin’s layers. Pressed in a “rock ‘n roll” or back and forth motion; a “rolling” or orbital circular motion: and a “dragging” motion the Herbal Ball will increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage.


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The Herbal Ball Treatment has many benefits including:

– The soothing of sore muscles and improving blood circulation leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

– Designed for those leading an active lifestyle or for those who prefer a strong massage. Tensions drift away while enjoying this unforgettable treatment that has gone unchanged since the 14th century.

– The balanced ingredients within the Ball open the skin’s pores and delivers deep medicinal heat to relax muscles.

– Reduces muscle and joint spasm.

– Reduce swellings caused by inflammation of muscles, ligaments, and joints 24-28 hours after the injury.


Plai from the ginger family is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Specific uses include relieving sprains, muscle pain, wound healing, and colds. The portion of the plant used is the rhizome stem. It is also a natural emollient and has been used by generations of Thai women to tone and soften their skin.


This natural antioxidant has antiseptic properties and is used as an additive in cosmetics and medicines to help soothe and cleanse irritated skin. It is also used for relieving pain and for its anti-inflammatory effect; antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.


Lemon GrassLemon Grass
Lemon grass is principally taken as a tea to remedy digestive problems for diarrhea and stomach ache. It relaxes the muscles of stomach (gut), helps resist infection, and is effective for healing fungal and bacterial infections on the skin. The part of the plant that is used is the leaf.


Curcuma Aromatica SalisbCurcuma Aromatica Salisb
These three spices in one plant effectively heal bumps and bruising of the skin. Addition-ally it neutralizes the acidity in the stomach and acts as a natural sedative for menstrual pains.


Pogostemon Cablin BenthPogostemon Cablin Benth
Eliminates dizziness and improves the respiratory system.


Cinnamonum CamphoraCinnamonum Camphora
Camphor is extracted from the wood by steam distillation, which yields transparent crystals. More recently an extraction from the leaves has also produced camphor crystals. The camphor oil is an agent which eases bruises, inflammations, and joint pains.


Tamarind LeafTamarind Leaf
As a natural antioxidant it hydrates and regenerates skin cells while relieving itchiness.



Acorus Calamus LinnAcorus Calamus Linn
Skin care with emphasis on cleansing. Other internal medicinal uses include: treatment of epilepsy, chronic diarrhea and dysentery, bronchial catarrh, fever, glandular and abdominal tumors, kidney and liver complaints, rheumatism and eczema. Used externally for Herbal Ball Treatment.


Kaffir LimeKaffir Lime
Noted for making hair soft and silky while relieving cramping pains and flatulence. As a medicinal herb, it was traditionally used to cure skin complaints and headaches. It’s used in Thai Herbal Ball for its soothing, invigorating, and antiseptic property.


Used to treat dermatophyteytic infection and tinea versicolour, sooth muscle spasm.


Derris Scandens BenthDerris Scandens Benth
Relieves muscular pain, inflammation, numbness, and abnormal tendons.



Softens and helps to correct deformity and stiffness of the skin.



Most group health plans cover these massages.  We deliver the best Thai Herbal Ball Massage/Treatment in all of the GTA including Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby or Oshawa.  You will not be disappointed!  Call us at 905-420-0020!!!

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