Tea Tree Leg Wax

Our spa waxing services gently remove hair and leave skin comfortable and smooth to the touch.  Among Beauty-Full Spa’s signature services is the Brazilian Wax with an everyday price of $25.  We even offer a Pain-Free Brazilian Wax for the First Timer.  Plus our Eyebrow Artistry (Shaping) is second to none!  Our waxing takes place in clean and safe rooms where even the most timid ladies feel comfortable. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.  We do not provide threading.

  • Arm-full – $38
  • Arm-under – $15
  • Bikini Line* – $15
  • Bikini Line (French)* – $25
  • Brazilian* (a.k.a. Mr. B) – $25
  • Brazilian Back* (a.k.a. Mr. B+) – $15
  • Brazilian Pain Free* $75
  • Cheeks – $10
  • Chin – $10
  • Eyebrow Artistry – $10
  • Full Leg – $45
  • Lower Leg – $25
  • Upper Leg – $30
  • Man’s Back or Chest $40+
  • Sideburns – $10
  • Upper Lip – $5

*As we are not licensed as hairstylists we do not cut or trim your hair.  We asked that before you (women only) come in for a Bikini, French Bikini, Front Brazilian or Back Brazilian that your hair is 1 cm in length and we reserve the right to refuse service if (1) the hair is greater than 1 cm in length or (2)  for all waxing if proper hygiene is not followed.  Your esthetician (a.k.a. Waxpert) also appreciates you showering before your appointment.  If this is not possible a wipe will be provided to you prior to your waxing.  Upon arrival, you will be paired with an experienced Waxpert who is efficient, fast and skilled and will minimize the pain often associated with hair removal in these sensitive areas.

We use two types of depilatory wax, a Cream Wax made in Canada which is included in all of the above stated waxing prices;  a Warm Milk Wax made in Italy which carries a separate cost which will be given to you at the time of waxing.  The price varies depending on total coverage required.  The Warm Milk Wax is often preferred when the hair is very short as it is stickier than the normal Cream Wax and also reduces the pain associated with the Cream Wax.

Ladies, if you are calling in (905-420-0020) to book a Brazilian wax we offer a secret code so others around you have no idea of the service you are requesting. If you are looking for just the front (Brazilian) ask for a “Mr. B” and to add the back Mr. B+. We will understand how much time you require and the people around you pretending not to listen will have no idea and thus can keep their opinions to themselves! Don’t be surprised if a guy answers the phone as it was his idea and no worries a lady will be doing your waxing.

We also carry the very popular Merben Bikini Brushes, both the Jute for Sensitive skin and the Sisal for Medium to normal skin for $15.95 each.  These same brushes can be found online for up to $27.95 each.  Daily use of this brush in the shower or bath removes the dry layers of skin, promoting correct regrowth of hair, thus reducing irritation and associated problems.


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Average rating:  
 25 reviews
by Septima M. on Beauty-Full Spa
Everyone Who Is NB Very Happy with Services

Easy to make appointment. Feel safe and spa is very clean. Prices are excellent and my spouse loves the clean Brazilian. Very happy with Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering, just wish they had other locations.

by Lucita H. on Beauty-Full Spa
Brows 10/10

In my opinion this is the only place to get your Brows waxed. Overall they do an excellent job waxing and prices are very competitive.

by Amalida J. on Beauty-Full Spa
Great Brazilian

Fast and only $25. What better combination is there ... well when it comes to waxing. LOL

by Purity W. on Beauty-Full Spa
$40 & Tourture Not The Brazilian I was looking for ...

3 months ago I went into a spa in Scarborough and for $65 was tortured for 45 minutes as my pubb's were removed from the nether region. I saw the www.25buckbrazilian.com and booked an appointment with Beauty-Full Spa. Amazing, what a difference in experience, less than 15 minutes and $25 for the front and $15 for the back. Fast and relatively pain free in comparison to my previous encounter. Beauty-Full Spa, affordable, efficient, professional my new home for Brazilians and more! *Results may vary person to person.

by Jo K. on Beauty-Full Spa
25BuckBrazilian.com - great sign

I am not sure where I saw it, but I think the bus bench sign 25BuckBrazilian.com is such a great idea - brilliant! Great price and easy to remember.

by Alicia Y. on Beauty-Full Spa
Legs Like Silk

I come to Beauty-Full Spa for my full leg waxing as when done they always feel like silk. The waxers are fast and price reasonable and let's not forget the free parking.

by Cheng Zhu on Beauty-Full Spa
Recommend Pain Free Treatment

If you fear the pain, I recommend the pain free Brazilian at Beauty-Full Spa. Takes about 75 minutes, 60 minutes for the freezing, well worth the wait for a 1st timer! *Results may vary person to person.

by Sammatha Y. on Beauty-Full Spa
10:10 for Waxing Skills

Comfortable setting, skillful waxing and I got a Brazilian for $25 the everyday price, plus free parking and it is close to my home, ya no traffic to get through. Overall Beauty-Full Spa get a 10 out of 10 for their waxing abilities.

by Andy W. on Beauty-Full Spa
Back and Chest Wax - Great Job

I've gone to other wax bars and spa/salons, but Beauty-Full Spa is the only one who got rid of all my hair on the 1st visit. Most of the time when I look things over a home I find missed patches and have to go back and complain, not something I enjoy and feel uncomfortable when I have to do this.

by Betty K. on Beauty-Full Spa
Amazing Experience

I had an amazing experience at this spa which was welcoming, with professional staff and the environment was very clean. Beauty-Full Spa is my choice for best waxing in the entire Durham Region, and I've been to most of their competitors!

by Zereena S. on Beauty-Full Spa
Comfortable, Safe Waxing in the Nether Regions

This is the best place to go for waxing in the nether regions, my waxer was Rochelle and she made me feel comfortable and safe.

by Maegan J. on Beauty-Full Spa
Fast, Affordable & Experienced Waxers!

Always a great job waxing my hairy legs .. eastern European thing. Fast, affordable and experienced waxers!

by Erica S. on Beauty-Full Spa
Best Eyebrow Shaping in Pickering

Love the way they do my eyebrows. Been a client since 2008.

by Demetria Z. on Beauty-Full Spa
Fast and Cheap Waxing

Fast and cheap, the best combination.

by Fernley H. on Beauty-Full Spa
Almost a full body wax - very pleased!

Awesome job. Had an almost complete full body wax (left out region covered by a traditional Brazilian). Price was reasonable and the lady waxing was fast and made it as painless as possible. Will be back.

by Kaitlin L. on Beauty-Full Spa
Steps From My Car, FREE Parking & They're Really Good!

Amazing these experienced waxers get the job done without a fuss and cheap. Unlike my old waxing place the parking is free and only steps from my car!

by Latoya M. on Beauty-Full Spa
I Found The Best Place For Brazilians

Girls, gone to many places over the year - hands down Beauty-Full Spa tops them all, clean, safe and cheap!

by Latrecia N. on Beauty-Full Spa
Affortable & Excellent Quality

Face waxing is affordable and excellent quality. As painless as can be due to skill of staff at Beauty-Full Spa. *Results may vary person to person.

by Becky H. on Beauty-Full Spa
A Client Since 2005!

Best eyebrow shaping I have ever gotten. Go back to Beauty-Full Spa every 6 wks. Been a client since 2005!

by Milcah J. on Beauty-Full Spa
Get Waxed Here!

Best place ever to get waxing done.

by Sue D. on Beauty-Full Spa
Put It All Out There In A Safe Place!

Beauty-Full Spa has been my waxing location since 2005 when they opened. They make me save after all ladies getting a Brazilian done, you sort of put it all out there!

by Marcia J. on Beauty-Full Spa
Great Waxers!

Best place I have every gone to get waxing done.

by Heather S. on Beauty-Full Spa
Overall Great Service

I have always felt safe getting my Brazilian's done at Beauty-Full Spa. The place is clean and the staff friendly. The cost is good. Overall great service.

by Art K. on Beauty-Full Spa
Felt Comfortable @ What I Thought Was A Place Only For The Ladies!

I have been going to Beauty-Full Spa for my back waxing since 2007. The ladies are fast and make it as painless as possible. Price is reasonable, parking is free and you don't have to walk a great distance from your car to get the work done!

by Cynthia Y. on Beauty-Full Spa
Great Waxing Place

This is my place for waxing, especially my Brazilians. The lady who does it is fast, skillful, friendly and I always feel safe. I have gone downtown TO, but this place is much better.