Spa Manicure $25

Polish removal, hand soak in essential oil of lavender, cuticles, nail shape, and polish application are included. Please note that we do not remove Shellac nail polish.

Spa Pedicure $35

Polish removal, foot soak, cuticles cut, nail shape, and polish application are included. In the fast world, it is increasingly more difficult to find time for ourselves. Stress left unchecked will eventually have a negative impact on our well-being.  Please note that we do not remove Shellac nail polish.


French $3; Polish Change $5; Sea Salt  Exfoliation $7

 The Beauty-Full Spa Difference

Included in a Beauty-Full Spa Pedicure are a polish removal, foot soak, cuticles are cut, nail shape, and polish application. Extras include French polish, polish change and sea salt exfoliation.

We are proud to offer pipeless pedicure spa massage chairs, for the best sanitation spa available.

The industry is currently in transition (should be completed by 2030) to pipeless, however, the majority of pedicure massage chairs in the Ontario marketplace use piped whirlpool pedicure chairs, which do not drain completely after use. Water then remains in the pipes and pump between customers, which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If not properly disinfected, the water bath’s inner workings can turn into a mycobacterial breeding ground, multiplying the low levels of mycobacterium commonly found in water supplies. One potential germ can be the infectious microbe, non-tuberculoses mycobacterium which can be tough to diagnose and treat. Infected people can face months of strong antibiotics, restless nights worried about scarring and potential side effects of so much medication. In addition the water in piped pedicure spas may also contain soap scum, hair, blood, dead skin, body oil and dirt from previous customers if not thoroughly and properly cleaned and disinfected.

At Beauty-Full Spa we want our clients to have a feeling of security knowing that our salon equipment is free from bacteria. Having state of the art pipeless pedicure spa massage chairs is the key to your peace of mind for your safety and health. As our client you will receive the latest in products, technology and techniques and only professional, superior quality products are used. Our pipeless pedicure spa massage chairs basins are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected between each client according to the manufactures directions and in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Durham Regional Board of Health. The pipeless pedicure spa massage chairs also go through a daily deep cleaning process. All implements and files are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. Unsanitizable products used on each client are disposed of after the service.

You can feel confident that we understand the “special needs” some people may have with their nails and feet such as diabetes, ingrown nails, etc. Whether you’re a pedicure veteran or this is your first pedicure, you can rest assured you are in safe hands and that our staff excels in providing professional service and knows how to help you feel comfortable in receiving your pedicure service.

So now you are ready to sit back, watch TV/listen to relaxing music pumped through the spa while an experienced person performs your pedicure and you enjoy a massaging back and neck massage!


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