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    Scar Reduction
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    Scar Reduction
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    Scar Reduction
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    Scar Reduction

Ultrasonic Therapy – Stretch Marks and Scar Reduction

Investment: During a FREE consultation it must be determined if Ultrasonic Therapy will be most effective for your situation, be it to remove Fine Lines; reduce Pore Size; reduce Scarring; Lighten your Skin; reduce Stretch Marks; or reduce Wrinkles.  Often Ultrasonic Therapy is a very useful add-on to our Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion and Deep Cleansing Facials.

Ultrasonic Therapy

Ultrasonic Therapy has been widely used for cosmetic purposes since the early ‘80’s. Its popularity when used by a skilled practitioner has become widely accepted for its safety, precise control, and predictable results.

Ultrasonic Therapy is now used for facial and body skin rejuvenating treatments, reduction of stretch marks, treatment of contracture and scar tissue, reduction of Hyperpigmentation, and the pre- and post-operative treatment of plastic surgery patients to accelerate healing and recovery after procedures such as face lifts, tummy tuck, and liposuction. Ultrasonic applied over selective gels and creams improves with tremendous efficiencies their effectiveness through deeper and more thorough penetration of these products maximizing both time and financial investment.

The mechanisms of action of Ultrasonic should be considered in terms of four categories:

  1. Thermal Effect which relates to the heat generated into the deeper tissues and especially the collagen, and the benefits derived;
  2. Mechanical Effect which relates to the high-speed vibrations that act on the tissue just like a micro massage;
  3. Cavitations Effect which refers to the production of countless microscopic droplets of oxygen from the vibrational process;
  4. Biological Effects which include blood vessel dilatation, improved blood flow and circulation, improved lymph flow, muscle relaxation, reduced inflammation, and pain relief.

Ultrasonic Therapy - Whitening Treatment

Skin treatments are more affective since deep cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing is improved. This is achieved by high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations that penetrate deep into pores and hair follicles to break up old, dead cells, secretions, and oily blockages. In addition the skin’s metabolism is increased resulting in an increase in the lymph flow which in turn causes waste products to be removed more rapidly and effectively. The more waste products removed the better penetration and absorption of your skin care products. Deep tissue Ultrasonic therapy improves skin tone, softness, and texture and with special creams excellent for skin lightening and reduction of dark pigmented areas. The combination of all of these factors creates younger-looking skin.

Scar tissue and contracture: Both of these problems achieve tremendously positive results using Ultrasonic Therapy. It is understood that these results are due in large part to the thermal effects of Ultrasonic with the loosening, stretching, and re-orientation of collagen tissue. This has demonstrated great effects in speeding the healing and discoloration of firm or bruised areas occasionally seen after face lifts, tummy tucks, or liposuction. In Spa treatments are followed up with home application of Collagen Gel to speed up the healing process. (A contracture is a shortening of a muscle or tendon in the human body in response to stress exerted on that muscle or tendon).

Ultrasonic Therapy - Scar Reduction

Stretch marks, fine lines, and sun-damaged skin are improved through dermapheresis or sonopheresis. These are the terms that have been applied to the use of Ultrasonic in stimulating deeper penetration of special creams deeper into the lower layers of the skin. In this way the ultimate effects of the creams are much more potent. Multiple treatments are usually required and it is safe for all skin colors and types. The number and frequency of your treatments depend on your skin type and response to therapy. Improvements are usually seen after the first treatment.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What other uses are there for Ultrasonic Therapy?
    Ultrasonic more widely used than you might think: Unconsciously, ultrasonic products have become common commodities in our everyday life. Ultrasonic has been used to shatter kidney stones, examine the fetus during pregnancy, research dolphin’s language, train dogs, and clean contact lens. Ultrasonic sound waves are the basis of this technology and are generated at a frequency that is above the level heard by the human ear. The rate of Ultrasonic means the numbers of vibrations that occur in a second. Hertz is the unit of measurement.
  • What are the basic scientific principals behind Ultrasonic Therapy?
    Medical and cosmetic Ultrasonic units are manufactured to typically deliver ultrasonic waves at frequencies of 1 and 3 MHz with duty cycles ranging from 20 to 100 percent. Duty cycles less than 100% are called pulsed Ultrasonic while a 100% duty cycle is called continuous. For our purposes, most machines are utilized at 1 to 3 MHz with continuous and pulsed modes. Ultrasonic sound waves cannot be transmitted through the air and need some sort of liquid medium through which to pass. For this reason a gel is applied between the treatment head of the machine and your skin.The biochemical function of Ultrasonic comes from the reaction to anabolism and catabolism. Anabolism is the process that converts substances into other components of the organism’s chemical architecture.  Catabolism is the metabolic process by which cells convert substances into excreted compounds basically the process of cell metabolism. Small doses of Ultrasonic treatments can promote the synthesis of protein inside the cells, help to regenerate wounded tissues and promote the synthesis of fiber cells in the body. In the process of anabolism and catabolism, the induced product is being absorbed and utilized by the cells. The accelerated metabolism of the cells changes the pH level of the skin to a more alkaline state and facilitates the absorption of the induced product. The skin lightens and smoothes visibly.
  • What are the cosmetic benefits of Ultrasonic treatments?
    – increases anabolic and catabolic process
    – reduces puffiness
    – helps to smoothen lines and wrinkles
    – exfoliates the top layer of the skin
    – improves blood circulation
    – increases cell regeneration
    – soothes inflammation and speeds wound healing
    – increases moisture retention of the skin
    – softens the thrombus
    – improves acne skin and reduces pore size
  • What is the affect of the warming and heating action created by the Ultrasonic Therapy?
    Warming and heating action is one of the most important therapeutic factors of Ultrasonic. It is a kind of internal heat, of an increase of about 79-80% – this heat is carried away by the blood circulation and is not perceived by the client. This warming action can change the blood circulation and helps to reduce inflammation. It is of great benefit prior plastic surgery to reduce swelling and after the healing process is well on its way to reduce puffiness. It produces a relaxing and comforting effect on the client.
  • What is Ultrasonic Exfoliation?
    This is one of the most recent developments in cleansing the skin. The skin is dampened with a de-ionized solution and using the Ultrasonic Scrubber a device is glided over the skin to ’split off’ dead cells. This is one of the key procedures used in our Deep Cleansing Facials. The result is remarkable, an instant clearing and smoothing effect can be observed. This process is totally non- invasive and can be used on the most sensitive of skins. Although results can be seen in just the first treatment clients should be treated in a series of 6-12 treatments.
  • Is Ultrasonic Therapy suitable for everyone?
    Ultrasonic Therapy is to be avoided by women who are or may be pregnant; or people with pace makers or electrical implants and/or have other heart conditions should avoid this therapy.
  • How many treatments will be required?
    Depending on the severity of the problem, multiple treatments will most likely be required. Often visible results are noticeable after the first treatment. Following your home care instructions will also maximize both your time and financial investment.
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Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Ruppinder A. on Beauty-Full Spa

Apparently I coughed while the surgeon was making an incision and ended up with a jagged line just below my navel. About 10 months ago and my scar colour was a deep dark brown, it was hard and looked nasty similar to being opened with a can opener. I went to Beauty-Full Spa and in 18 weeks (31 sessions) they have eliminated the darkness, hardness and made the line much thinner. Very pleased with my results and highly recommend Beauty-full Spa. *Results may vary person to person.

by Kathleen J. on Beauty-Full Spa
Childhood scar reduced - amazing!

For years I was able to hide my childhood scar in my right eyebrow. Now in my 70's my brow is disappearing and my scar had become more visible. I went to Beauty-Full Spa and they have reduced the scar in size, shape and the hardness is gone. I not only had great work done there but now have a new friend. Thank you Beauty-Full Spa for bringing a little more joy to my life! *Results may vary person to person.

by Dr. Bob on Beauty-Full Spa
As a Dr. I didn't expect such a positive result!!

I am a Family Physician (using the name of Dr. Bob) and went to Beauty-Full Spa as a regular guy to see if they could reduce a scar on my right calf. Well they did amazing work and I thought that only my peers who are medically trained could do this type of procedure. Using ultrasonic therapy they removed the redness, hardness and reduced the thickness of the line. Very, very impressed Beauty-Full Spa.*Results may vary person to person.

by Larry K. on Beauty-Full Spa
Scar almost invisible!

Two years ago I was in a auto accident which resulted in flesh being torn on both my forearms so there was much scarring. Beauty-Full Spa over a period of 9 months was able to dramatically reduce the hardness and colour and the scarring is less visible and smoother. It will never go a way, but using this ultrasonic therapy method for scar reduction has made the areas it is sooooo much better! Thank you. *Results may vary person to person.

by Mikey A. on Beauty-Full Spa
Scar for tree almost gone!! Very impressed!!

It was really hard to find someone local to fix my 8" scar on my upper arm which was the result of stitches years ago when I was ejected from my car and had a very hard landing on a tree. Using Ultrasonic Therapy Beauty-Full Spa was able to eliminate the hardness, make the scar thinner and softer. Thank you! *Results may vary person to person.

by Rob K. on Beauty-Full Spa
2 Thumps up for Ultrasonic Therapy

I went to Beauty-Full Spa to remove the dark pigmentation in a scar that I received as a result of an accident I had while growing up in Jamaica . It took about 26 sessions doing two a week, but the result is of miracle proportions. The hardness is gone, the dark pigment disappear and the scar line is less visible. I highly recommend Beauty-Full Spa and they also have a great web site with lots of pictures. *Results may vary person to person.

by Lori A. on Beauty-Full Spa
Scar Hardness Gone - Amazing!!

I went to Beauty-Full Spa on a referral from my best friend who couldn't stop talking about how they downsized her surgical scars after her hysterectomy. Although thin lines, I still experiecned some scarring after my breast augmentation. Beauty-Full Spa used Ultrasonic Therapy and Collagen Formula and removed the redness and hardness of the scar. After 15 treatments my skin was soft, the reddish/pinkish colours disappeared and thus the scar became less visiable. The best is that my new boyfriend has no idea that these are not mine!! Ladies, go to Beauty-Full Spa after the surgery they work miracles! *Results may vary person to person.

by John M. on Beauty-Full Spa
Very impressed with less visible knief scar!

When I was a teenager I was cut in the face during an attack by three bullies. The scar has always been a burden for me and a friend suggested that Beauty-Full Spa could make it better. That was a year ago and today I still have the scar but it smoother, thinner and most importantly less visible. For special events my wife put a little foundation on it and it totally disappears. I feel that people are looking at me, not my scar and most importantly I no longer have to explain what happened. Thank you Beauty-Full Spa and your Ultrasonic Therapy technique. *Results may vary person to person.

by Jyoti K. on Beauty-Full Spa

Using Ultrasonic Therapy and their special technique Beauty-Full Spa make three little scars on my forehead just above my right eye almost disappear. I know they will never go away completely, but with just a little foundation when I go out they do disappear. The darkness is gone, my skin to the touch feels soft and smooth. Couldn't be happier and please with both my time and money - great investment and ROI! *Results may vary person to person.

by Larry K. on Beauty-Full Spa
Amazing Results For My Acne Scars!

When I was in my teen's I was one of those kids that had really bad acne on my face, upper chest and mid to upper back. For years I have been looking for some type of laser or new miracle procedure that would improve the roughness of my skin. Over the years I have invested thousands of dollars into treatments that never really delivered. I stumble upon Beauty-Full Spa's web site and looked at the scar reduction. I went in for a free consult and they told me it would take maybe 20-30 session (2/week)and they could make the scars less visible and smoother. I am pleased to tell everyone, that I really started to notice a change around the 14 session mark and now in just 15 weeks, well the results are truly amazing. My skin is soft to the touch, smooth, redness is totally gone and although not as I came into the world, my skin looks sooooo much better. thank you Beauty-Full Spa for your excellent work! *Results may vary person to person.

by Julie W. on Beauty-Full Spa
Amazing - Caesarean Scar Now Smooth as Silk!

When they tell you that you require a Caesarean Section they sort of leave out the fact that if things don't go as planned you will end up with a nasty, rough to the touch, ugly caesarean section scar. The long and short of it, unlike the previous sentence is that I found a place that does fantastic work. My husband had a mole removed at Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering ON and he brought some info home about scar reduction. I went in for a free consultation and began some treatments right away. My scar appeared to have been created by a surgeon using those zigzag scissors and really bumpy to the touch. It took about 18 sessions and now the line is smooth as silk, thinner and I know longer feel like Frankenstein's love child. I highly recommend this process and Beauty-Full Spa! Thank you! *Results may vary person to person.

by Barb W. on Beauty-Full Spa
I am now able to accept my scar - Thank You!

I am now able to look at myself and be pleased that the scars around my breasts are soft and only thin lines. Not so three years ago when I had cancer surgery. You know you have to have the surgery as not having will most likely kill you. However, to looked like you were someone's piece of meat they started to carve and then put back in the refrigeration does a real number on your self worth! I found Beauty-Full Spa when looking for Eyelash Extensions (they are also amazing in this area) and went to the tab Medi-Spa. I clicked on Scar Reduction, like what I saw and went in for a free consultation. They did in just 22 weeks what several other cosmetic surgeons said could never be done. My scarring is smooth, soft to the touch and in the dark almost invisiable. Highly recommend this very affortable treatment from Beautyfy-Full Spa. *Results may vary person to person.