Laser Tattoo Removal is safe and successful!

The Process

Laser Tattoo RemovalLaser is the only successful process for tattoo removing. The word “LASER” stands for “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. In laser removal, processing an intense beam of light is used. This removes tattoos without harming the surrounding healthy cells.

You will not believe the results! We feel that this laser is a miracle of modern technology, and we are proud to offer this much needed service.

Size, location, depth and colour of the pigments within the tattoo are the deciding factors for number of treatments. Treatments should be placed six to eight weeks apart to allow your body to remove the maximum amount of tattoo pigment.

Laser Tattoo RemovalThe pigmentation in the lesion tissues is effectively broken up into microscopic pieces and removed by taking advantage of the high energy light pulse, which is the so-called explosion principle.One part of the pigment (the superficial epidermis) will be bounced out of the body just after the pulse, while the other part of the pigment (inside the chromophore) will split into the tiny granules that can be cannibalized by phagocytes of the body. After the digestion of phagocytes, it can be taken away by the Lymphatic System of the body. The pigment of the injured tissues gradually becomes shallow until it disappears, while no injured trace will be left on the peripheral normal tissues, as the tissues will not absorb the fixed wavelength of the light.

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The Equipment

Laser Tattoo RemovalWe use the Alexandrite Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser (Neodymium Yttrium Aluminium Garnet) crystal which is known for its safety, effectiveness, and speed of operation. The Q-Switch or Pocket Cell acts as an extremely high speed shutter which allows the laser to produce an extremely high energy, pulse width (3 ns) of light to be released from the laser. The role of the Q-Switch is to prevent the absorbed light from the Nd:YAG rod from reaching the rear mirror of the laser cavity until it can store a large amount of energy.

The picture above showing the “666” was done by an untalented tattoo artist known within that industry as a “Scratcher”.  Normally these are artists new to the business and do not press hard enough to implant the ink into the second layer of tissue.  Therefore, the laser as it passes through the first layer of tissue blows apart the ink resulting in the image in this photo.  In this particular case what ink was left in the second layer of tissue was completely gone in six weeks.  These are rare tattoos, however, great when you want your tattoo off and a poor investment if you wanted your tattoo left on forever.

This laser is more effective against a broader range of colours than any other laser and is extremely safe as it was designed for the sole propose of removal of pigments in the skin. Dark blue, black, brown and red pigment granules are effectively removed by the Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser. Yellow, green and florescent colours are very difficult to remove as they reflect the light emitting from the laser.

Our Laser works by delivering light (heat) at incredibly high energy for a tiny fraction of a second onto the skin. This selectively breaks up large molecules, such as tattoo pigments, and causes very little damage to surrounding tissues. There is virtually no scarring or change in natural skin pigment.

What is my investment?

In order to provide a price it is necessary for us to see the image (tattoo) which you would like altered or removed.  The chart below will give you an idea of your investment and an actual cost will be provided during a FREE consultation.  Before, and during the removal process it is impossible to predict the total number of sessions it will take to remove the ink within the tattoo.

Square Inch Coverage


Less Than 1

$  80

  1 –   2


  2 –   4


  4 –   9


  9 – 16


16 – 25


26 – 35


Greater Than 36

 To be quoted.

*Note:  All consultations are Free.  Price per session does not include H.S.T. and is based on the tattoo being black.  If other colours are in the tattoo addition fees may be applicable.  Please note that the topical anesthetic is optional and is not included in stated prices above.


  • I had a treatment a week ago and it seems all healed. Can I come back sooner than six weeks?
    Healing is not the reason for the spacing of your treatments. The laser does not expel the ink; it breaks it up so your body’s immune system can take it away. If you treat your tattoo too frequently, the laser is simply targeting the ink your body hasn’t had the chance to remove, and you pay more for the same result.
  • I had my first treatment and nothing seems different. Is this normal?
    Yes. Some people may even see their tattoo get darker with their first treatment. Everyone responds at a different rate. The treatment is only effective with multiple visits…just be patient and you should get the best results possible.
  • Will I have a scar?
    Most clients will not scar, however, scarring is a possibility in any laser treatment involving the skin. If you are predisposed to Keloids, or you scar easily, your chances are higher. Compliance with our aftercare instructions will greatly reduce your chances of scarring.
  • Does it hurt?
    Pain is your personal perception and everyone experiences it differently. There is a minimal amount of discomfort involved in this procedure. Upon arrival a topical anesthetic will be used to numb the skin area to be treated and approximately 60-minutes later the procedure will begin.
  • Can you remove Microbladed Eyebrows using a Laser?
    If you have experienced a poorly done Microblading procedure of your Eyebrows, do not worry, we can assist in the removal of this unwanted pigmentation.  Unlike Permanent Makeup, Microbladed eyebrows are considered by many as semi-permanent makeup.  On a note of interest, Google has an issue with the term semi-permanent, so it is amazing that it even comes up on a Google Search or that people are still using the term in the first place due to its inaccuracy related to Microblading or Eyelash Extensions.  Similar to eyelash extensions, semi-permanent Microbladed Eyebrows often fall off on their own without the need of Laser Tattoo Removal.  However, this is not necessarily the case for everyone, and if you do get, well let’s face it a bad job, you will need to have the Microbladed pigmentation removed.  Here’s the catch, if you are lucky it may come off in just one session.  If you are unlucky, it may take two, three, four or even more sessions to be removed at the cost of $290 plus topical anesthetic per Laser Tattoo Removal session.  Choose your Microblading Stylist carefully, ensuring they have before and after pictures, have a track record of performing the procedure, are insured and most importantly can feather in the lines to simulate real individual hair that make you eyebrows appear to be original not fake.  The opposite will give you an appearance as though someone put a magic marker across the top of your eyes.  Your brows should have a slight arch.  At Beauty-Full Spa we have been removing permanent makeup eyebrows and eyeliner since 2005, and we are pleased to offer the same Laser Tattoo Removal technique for Microblading.  Please give us a call to book a free consultation at 905-420-0020.  You can also send us a picture (please include your first and last name) to 647-891-2636 using standard texting methods.  “It is what it is,” do not worry as this mistake will be fixed by contacting  Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering right now!

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by Clyff W. on Beauty-Full Spa
When it comes to massage these guys still RULE!

A new place opened up beside Beauty-Full Spa so I went and checked them out. First I asked for a hour (60 minutes table time) massage and only got a 50 minute (table time) massage ... disappointing. When I compared prices my normal provider was only $7 more and I didn't have to commit to having my bank account debited each month to get into their free membership program! So if you want a really, really good massage go to Beauty-Full Spa, not the guy two doors down the road who give artificially high prices to make the membership price seem like a deal. I need the full hour, no deductions for talking and dressing time cutting into my 60 minute massage time. The folks at BF Spa have been in our neighborhood since 2005 so they must be doing it Right, trust me the massage is excellent every single time.

by Sam S. on Beauty-Full Spa
Their New Laser Kicks Ass!

About 4 years ago I went to Beauty-Full Spa to get my tattoo removed. We did a few sessions and I lost interest in getting it removed as other life issues popped up requiring money to go to them. I returned recently to these guys who recently upgraded to a Alexandrite Q-switch Nd:YAG laser, which is much more powerful than their old laser. On the really black areas it blistered and the blisters took about a week to disappear. Really reduced my black ink after just one session. Most likely another trip to the spa should get rid of my tattoo once and for all. Everything seems to happen at just the right time. If you are getting a tattoo removed somewhere else, check out Beauty-Full Spa as their new machine ROCKS and their pricing is very reasonable! *Results may vary person to person.

by Gary H. on Beauty-Full Spa
Great Place To Go!!!!

If you are researching where to go to have your tattoos removed I would highly recommend visiting Beauty Full Spa. Paul is very knowledgeable and took the time to patiently explain the process of tattoo removal and the very important after care. I wish I had known about Beauty Full Spa before I started the process of having my tattoos removed. *Results may vary person to person.

by Tara R. on Beauty-Full Spa
5 tattoo removed by Beauty-Full Spa

It can be a slow process but it does work. Beauty-Full Spa has removed five tatts off my body over the last five years. I guess the total ink coverage would have been 72 sq inches. Very pleased with the outcome, took care each time and no scaring. *Results may vary person to person.

by Mike D. on Beauty-Full Spa
3 for 3 tatts GONE!

The people are great and very knowledgeable. Paul has succesfully removed 3 tattoos on me and definately at the lowest price in town. I actually look forward to my appointments!! Now im trying to find another reason to go back. Money well spent. *Results may vary person to person.