Removal of Fibromas


Since 2006, the skilled staff at Beauty-Full Spa have safely and painlessly removed minor skin irregularities including Fibromas using Electrocautery (elec•tro•cau•tery) also known as Electrocauterization.   This safe procedure uses heat generated by a high-voltage, high-frequency alternating micro-currents that are passed through a disposable electrode to remove the unwanted tissue.

At Beauty-Full Spa Electrocautery is the chosen method for removal of minor skin irregularities as it yields the best possible, non-scarring results which is not the case with:

1) Home Remedies which can include a variety of creams and ointments most often have disappointing results including unsightly scarring;
2) Cyrotherapy which is very painful and involves freezing the minor skin irregularity using liquid nitrogen, most often resulting in scarring;
3) Excision using a medical blade or incision the preferred methods when cancer may be suspect, most certainly there will be scarring;
4) Laser or IPL which is effective on pigmented moles, however, involves multiple treatments, often more than three.

Treatments are very quick (some within a few seconds).  The micro-current arc onto the skin minor skin irregularity, where only the most outer layers of the skin’s tissue is treated.  This electrical inducement attracts the moisture located in the skin irregularity, with a result of the abnormality being separated from the skin’s surface.

This advanced technology enables the medical esthetician to clear up troublesome problems without penetrating the skin’s surface or inducing trauma on the surrounding tissue, thus allowing for speedy healing and greater client satisfaction.

Prior to scheduling a free consultation at Beauty-Full Spa you should consult with a physician to determine that your skin irregularity does not point to a more serious condition and can be cosmetically removed.

Fibromas are non-malignant tumors composed of fibrous tissue that can be flat or raised.  Skin tags are considered small Fibromas, and the texture and colour of  large Fibromas are different from normal skins because they are darker in colour with a more fibrous texture.  Like their smaller counterparts skin tags, they can be removed easily by cutting off their attachment to the skin’s surface.

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