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    Age Spot Reduction
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    Age Spot Reduction
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    Age Spot Reduction
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    Age Spot Reduction

Age, Sun, Brown & Liver Spots Removed

Age Spots

Since 2006, the skilled staff at Beauty-Full Spa have safely and painlessly removed minor skin irregularities including Age/Sun/Brown/Liver Spot Removal using Mild Electrocautery (elec•tro•cau•tery) also known as Mild Electrocauterization. This safe procedure uses heat generated by a high-voltage, high-frequency alternating micro-currents that are passed through a disposable electrode to remove the unwanted tissue.

At Beauty-Full Spa Mild Electrocautery is the chosen method for removal of minor skin irregularities as it yields the best possible, non-scarring results which is not the case with:
1) Home Remedies which can include a variety of creams and ointments most often have disappointing results including unsightly scarring;
2) Cyrotherapy which is very painful and involves freezing the minor skin irregularity using liquid nitrogen, most often resulting in scarring;
3) Excision using a medical blade or incision the preferred methods when cancer may be suspect, most certainly there will be scarring.
4) Laser or IPL which is effective on pigmented age spots, however, involves multiple treatments, often more than three.

Treatments are very quick (some within a few seconds). The micro-current arc onto the skin minor skin irregularity, where only the most outer layers of the skin’s tissue is treated. This electrical inducement attracts the moisture located in the skin irregularity, with a result of the abnormality being separated from the skin’s surface.

This advanced technology enables the medical esthetician to clear up troublesome problems without penetrating the skin’s surface or inducing trauma on the surrounding tissue, thus allowing for speedy healing and greater client satisfaction.

Prior to scheduling a free consultation at Beauty-Full Spa you should consult with a physician to determine that your skin irregularity does not point to a more serious condition and can be cosmetically removed.

Age spots typically form on the back of hands, neck and face, and is evidence of sun overexposure. Although these harmless groupings of pigments (color-containing cells) may fade over a period of time, they are areas of damaged skin and will never completely disappear. As you age your skin get’s thinner which heightens the visibility of age spots.

During your free consultation you will be asked if your family physician has determined that your age spots do not point to a more serious condition and can be cosmetically removed.

Below are a few review comments. Take a few minutes to view and read what people are saying about Beauty-Full Spa’s Age – Liver – Sun – Brown Spot removal service and next call us for a free consultation!

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 3 reviews
by Dora E on Beauty-Full Spa
No One Likes Looking Old - So I Got Rid Of My Age Spots

One stop shopping. Several years ago I had the people at Beauty-Full Spa remove two facial moles, wonderful work. I came back to get them to remove age spots on both my face and hands, as these spots really make me look old like the way I remember my mother and grandmother. Not ready to join that club yet. Thanks for the great work and letting me bask in the light of my mature youth! *Results may vary person to person.

by Mary A. on Beauty-Full Spa
They can be removed

Beauty-Full Spa got rid of my age spots that seem to be growing each and every year. Old people get age spots and I do not want to look old even though I am 78, so I had Beauty-Full Spa remove them. Great job, thank you. *Results may vary person to person.

by Theresa J. on Beauty-Full Spa
Delighted with the results

I wasn't sure about the method, but like anything I now know it works and I will be back as I am not getting any younger and these age spots are like crop circles popping up now and again. Thanks Beauty-Full Spa for making me look 15 years younger! *Results may vary person to person.