Beauty-Full Spa pays for the use of background music.

If you appreciate the performing arts, as we do here at Beauty-Full Spa, then you may want to ensure that other spas you visit have a commercial cable or commercial satellite feed, or as we do here at Beauty-Full Spa, a license from SOCAN.

SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) is the Canadian copyright collective that administers the performing rights of more than 100,000 composer, author and music publisher members by licensing the use of their music in Canada. They collect licence fees on their members’ behalf and distribute royalties to them.

It’s not just a good idea; it is the law under Tariff 15A.  When a company plays background music on their phone system or anywhere within their facility, it is considered as a public performance and therefore, the people who made the music have an entitlement to be paid.  It is not just for spas, it is for the doctor’s office, the lawyer’s office, day care, all businesses, even in a church setting.  The only exception is if the music is being generated on the radio and can only be heard in one room.  If it is audible in other rooms via a speaker system than the business must have a license from SOCAN, or proof they are buying commercial licensed music.  This makes no difference if the music was purchased via iTunes or at a retail store, if it is being played in a commercial setting, the business has both a moral and legal obligation to pay for using someone else’s property to the benefit of your own business.

So if the Spa you have been patronizing is not paying into SOCAN and does not have a commercial arrangement with the cable company or a satellite company then they are part of the big problem.  You must ask this very serious question, “If they are cutting this corner, what other corners are they trimming in their business activities that could reflect back to my care?”

















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 6 reviews
by Joanna B. on Beauty-Full Spa
Relaxing Music Paid For?

I thought it was only radio station that had to pay for music. I am now aware of many businesses that play music on their phone systems, however, do not pay, just lift it for free. Beauty-Full Spa, thank you for your honesty and paying the performers who make the music we enjoy during our spa visits.

by Jerry U. on Beauty-Full Spa
Love The Effort!

Love that these guys take an interested in paying for the music they use in their business.

by Stan K. on Beauty-Full Spa
Responsible Thing To Do.

Beauty-Full Spa is doing the responsible thing. They are using background music in their business for the clients enjoyment. It only makes sense that they would pay a royalty to SOCAN. Good job not a corner to have cut if you are getting some of the money as a singer or recording artist.

by Jess Y. on Beauty-Full Spa
I wish everyone paid their way!

Great to see a company who values performers and pays their way. I work in the arts and always do business with those who support the arts and Beauty-Full Spa is a good example.

by Chuck R. on Beauty-Full Spa
Very Pleased

I play in a band as well as write my own music. It is good to see the example being lived by Beauty-Full Spa as I am one of the artist that receives a cheque from SOCAN. I will be back!

by Suzie Y. on Beauty-Full Spa
Right On - We Should Get Paid

Thanks for your leadership Beauty-Full Spa, as we should get paid for our creative work when others use it to set a mood for their business so they can also make money. SOCAN sends me a cheque, which is more about acknowledgement of my skills than making me rich!